How it Works - Shippers / Growers

How it Works For Shippers / Growers

Welcome to a new way to market your produce. No more emailing or faxing your price list. Now you can go online and update your pricing throughout the day-similar to the stock market. This will help you maximize your profits by taking advantage of an ever changing market in real time. Instead of fielding calls all day when you are out of an item, you will be able to communicate this to everyone through our site.

When you put your prices in, you can update them as your inventory and the market dictates. When you are long on a product(s) you can lower your price. When you are short on product(s) you can raise your price at will; all day long. For example, if you had 20,000 cases of broccoli to move, you typically put out a price in the morning hoping you move it all. Now, you can enter the price on the promotion line and, depending how it’s selling, raise or lower the price. If you sell 10,000 cases in an hour, you can raise your price to slow it down or keep it the same until it’s gone. Just like the stock market, you can take advantage of the movement.

Eventually, our plan is to reach all distributors/retailers. This will give you the opportunity for potential customers all over North America. Customers will be able to put orders in from the site for you to accept or deny 24 hours a day. You will be able to promote items for as long as you have extra inventory; then you can pull them off as needed and raise your price to market.

Our site will also help customers find local suppliers by state. Anyone will be able to bring up every supplier on the site by state.

Customers will be able to search by items, shippers, or states. This will open up more opportunities and customers for our members with constant promotion on our site. Shippers will have a price list, like they have now, except you will be able to update them in real time. You will be able to put an item on promotion at the top of your price list. This will stream live on the homepage as well as to anyone, who is logged onto the website. A customer will be able to click on the promotion and be directed to your online price list. Typical buyers will buy other items on your site to fill their trucks.

You will have a spot on our site for your logo and company information as well as other news you're company would like to post. Important recalls or quality problems can be communicated on your page. Customers will be able to order direct from your site. When a customer orders on your site, you will get an email outlining the order. You can accept or deny the order; if accepted, all you have to do is respond with a pick up number. All other information will be on the order, including pick up location. If you deny the order, it will end the transaction. You can come in to work in the morning with orders already in your email to approve! You are now selling 24 hours a day without having to hire extra people.

This will be the easiest tool for all growers/shippers to use. This is just the start. We are working on freight, supplies, and payment options as well. This will truly be a one-stop shop for anyone in produce. This site is dedicated to just the produce industry. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed.